Short term and long term storage


Warehousing involves a lot of things .Not every location is suitable for short term or long term storage of your products or materials. There is a good chance you will be convinced of your choice for Mark Huisman Logistics. The organisation has storage available that will satisfy all your critical needs. The available storage space is suitable for storage and transfer for goods such as foods,non-foods, pharmaceutical and hazardous goods.

The Warehouse Management System guarantees an optimal course of the order process. Inventory control, location management and the registration of order handling are taking place smoothly and carefully. If the choice is security ,the choice is Mark Huisman Logistics.

Warehousing by Mark Huisman Logistics:

  • short term or long term;
  • storage space for food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and hazardous goods;
  • optimal course of the order process by the Warehouse Manegement System;
  • permanent insight into the status quo;
  • maximum security

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