Short term and long term storage


Warehousing involves a lot of work. Not every location is suitable for the short-term or long-term storage of your products or materials.

Most likely you will choose Mark Huisman Logistics' warehousing with conviction. After all, the organization has storage space that passes all critical tests. This makes the storage space fully suitable for the storage and transshipment of goods such as food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and ADR goods. The Warehouse Management System guarantees an optimal order process. 

Your logistics partner

Is your business growing fast and are you running out of storage capacity? Or do you temporarily need more storage space? Mark Huisman Logistics offers the solution! We believe in the total package, whether it concerns storage, transshipment or (urgent) transport, with Mark Huisman Logistics you are at the right address. For an up-to-date insight into your stock you can use our Warehouse.

Warehousing by Mark Huisman Logistics:

  • short term or long term;
  • storage space for food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and hazardous goods;
  • optimal course of the order process by the Warehouse Manegement System;
  • permanent insight into the status quo;
  • maximum security

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