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About Us

A solid organisation has knowledge, skills, experience and ambition. Mark Huisman Logistics has all four. Mark Huisman was already involved with the operational side of the transport world since his education at the Transport- en Scheepvaartschool (transport and shipping school) in Rotterdam. Thanks to his work experience within transport and forwarding companies in the United Kingdom and Austria, Mark became familiar with the international nature and specialities of the logistics sector.

Through his work within Mark Huisman International ( his Father’s company ) Mark learnt the importance of part load specialities. This involves the combining of loads to specific locations. An approach that benefits all parties and a perfect example of co operation ! Subsequently Mark made the move to his own company. Meanwhile Mark Huisman Logistics has grown to a solid and concerned team of professionals in logistics. The organisation has its own modern vehicles that satisfy the highest standards.

Moments of exceptional business are being dealt with by co operating with sister companies, so that customers can be assured of our high standards and favourable conditions. The specialization in part loads to Spain and Portugal binds the team and stimulates them continuously to further development. Perspective to development is being wanted and found in efficiency, safety, sustainability, cost reduction, optimization of planning and communications. All this sees that the customers can rely on the best service within the logistical sector.

The benefits:

  • solid and prolonged know how and experience;
  • part load speciality to Spain and Portugal;
  • co operation with other companies for optimal results for customers;
  • use of our own vehicles that satisfy the highest standards;
  • continuous attention for quality development;
  • you are assured of the very best within he the logistical sector.

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